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How to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing

Jul 11, 2021

Emojis. You know them. You love them. But how do you leverage emojis for social media marketing? Adding emojis to captions, comments, graphics, and hashtags is a great way to harness the power of emojis for social media marketing. Emojis are fun, cute, and sometimes even offensive – but some people consider emojis the fastest growing language. There are over 3,000+ emojis, and they activate the same parts of our brain that interpret facial expressions. Read this blog to learn how to connect with your audience by using emojis on social media!

Add emojis to social media captions.

This impactful step often gets overlooked. When you are creating social media content, there are so many things to consider. Emojis don’t feel high on the list.

QUICK TIP: Make “adding emojis” a part of your social media checklist. Before you make a social media post, add an emoji.

Some generic emojis that work for tons of social media posts are ⭐️ 😍 ❤️️ 😊 👀 🎉 ✅ 👍 👏 and 🎯.

Add emojis to comments.

A key element of social media management is engaging with your audience instead of waiting for them to interact with you. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Follow hashtags where you think your audience is sharing content
  • Join Facebook Groups and share (non-spammy) content
  • Leave a comment on a post to make your audience feel special

When you comment on someone’s post, you can leave one emoji or a string of emojis! You can also reply to someone’s comment that they shared on your post. Instead of using only emojis, take it a step further, write something specific, add an emoji, and boom! You have social media gold.

Add emojis to graphics.

Some companies struggle with photography. They may not have the skills, budget, or setting to convey their brand. There is an easy way to “add a face” to your brand. You guessed it. Use emojis! Emojis are also great solutions for stock illustrations. People recognize emojis and view them as generic. Sometimes, being generic is a good thing!

Add emojis to hashtags.

Did you know you can hashtag an emoji? Check out #😺 on Instagram, and you will see what we mean! Using emojis in hashtags can make your brand seem more in tune with the subject matter you are conveying and adds a level of fun. We will further demonstrate this idea below.

In addition to #cat, you can also try…

  • #cat😺
  • #😺
  • #😺😺😺
  • #😺❤️️

(You get the idea.)

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