It is always a great time of year to consider how you can leverage the power of marketing to amplify your business.

Consider adding some of these marketing services to your 2022-2023 budgets to amplify your small business, career, or nonprofit.

Marketing Strategy

Sometimes you need someone to help you see the big picture, especially when it comes to marketing. 

Every marketing strategy should help your business or organization:

  • Identify goals
  • Define target audience
  • Create a marketing budget
  • Develop a timeline

We have helped develop marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses. Let us help you with your marketing strategy in 2022!

Content Planning

Thoughtful, quality content can be spontaneous – but often – there is a bigger plan at play. For long-term success with marketing and social media, a content plan is a must.

Work with a marketing professional (like Marissa Conniff at Upward Anthems) to define goals, calendars, and plans to deliver strategic content to your target audience.


It may surprise a lot of people – but running your own business requires a lot of writing! Writing requires creative thinking, which can be hard to come by when you are running a small business.

Upward Anthems can help your business or organization with the following copywriting needs and more in 2022 and beyond.

  • Messaging and naming strategies
  • Web copy
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Articles and reviews

(BONUS: We are big fans of emojis and we know how to use them.)

Blog Strategy and Writing

Starting a blog can feel very daunting. Not only that, they become yet another thing to maintain as a business owner. Outsourcing blog writing can bring so much value to your business in terms of search engine optimization, website ranking, thought leadership, social media content, branding, and more.

A thoughtful blog strategy by Upward Anthems helps clients:

  • Set goals
  • Define topics
  • Plan and schedule
  • Add backlinks (which helps with SEO)

Not only that, we can write blogs for you. Here are more reasons you should consider having a blog on your website.


Graphic design is so important when it comes to social media and marketing. Having a strong visual brand adds value to your customer experience and can strengthen your brand’s affinity.

We can help you make things look pretty and design for web and print. From social media images to 20-page reports, we can help things look professional and branded.


Host a marketing workshop in 2022 for your team, clients, or members. We offer 1-hour to full-day length seminars on topics including:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Personal branding

(Fun fact: Presentations are delivered by Marissa Conniff, who not only has 11 years of marketing experience – but also formal training as a singer and theatre performer. Public speaking is not an issue at these sessions!)

Social Media Management

Small business owners and non-profit managers need to be very strategic with their time. They are pulled in many directions, which is why social media becomes a challenge over time. 

Social media is a constant, never-ending engine that can grow your business, but requires effort. In 2022, we recommend toning down the burden and amplifying the benefits of social media.

Upward Anthems can create individual posts or manage your social media on a monthly basis. Learn more about the services we offer here.

Make 2022 the year you amplify the marketing for your business or nonprofit by scheduling a discovery call with Upward Anthems!