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The Mean Girls’ Guide to Social Media

Feb 16, 2021

Uncover the hidden social media marketing lessons in the movie “Mean Girls” in this totally fetch guide to social media!

1. It’s going to feel awkward at the beginning.

Remember how insecure and uncomfortable Cady was on her first day? That’s what it will feel like when you start posting for a new social media account.

2. Don’t beat yourself up when it feels like it’s not going well.

Cady eats lunch on the toilet for her first day, so don’t get down on yourself when it’s not going how you want it.

3. Some of the people you meet in the very beginning will be your long-term pals.

Spoiler alert: Janice and Damien are the real deal. This could also be true for some of your earliest followers and fans.

4. And you will no longer feel like a newbie.

Cady finally has a place to sit at lunch and is thinking about joining the Mathletes. Soon after you get started with your social media efforts, your audience will grow and your page will feel more legitimate.

5. You may even start to get more popular than you thought you ever would.

Cue the iconic scene of The Plastics marching down the hallway while Missy Elliot bumps in the background. Some of your posts will take you to that feeling once you start getting comfortable with your brand and audience.

6. People may start to model, copy, or even mimic what you are doing.

Remember when people started wearing army pants and flip flops after they saw Cady wearing army pants and flip flops? That will eventually be your business on social media if you stick with it.

7. You will notice when new people join.

“SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” is what you will think when you see a brand new page that offers a similar product.

8. And your behavior may start to surprise you as you take on new habits or ways of talking.

Cady gets sucked into the life of The Plastics. You could face a similar road with social media, but let us learn from Cady’s mistakes. Don’t let social media dominate your time and remember to maintain balance in your life!

9. It is guaranteed that at some point someone will say something mean about you.

If you are putting yourself out there on social media, it is only a matter of time before receiving a snarky comment from a hater. But you can’t help it if you’re popular.

10. One of your many plans is bound to go off the rails. And it’s not going to be pretty.

The number of things that can go wrong on social media is infinite and you did not leave the south side for this!

11. But it’s best to be careful what you say. Especially in these moments.

Raise your hand if you have ever said something mean about someone behind their back. If someone leaves a negative review or comment, approach the situation with a problem-solving mentality and don’t take it personally.

12. You may have to apologize. You may have to step back and adjust some of your habits, or ways of talking.

Once Cady realizes she has made some mistakes, she tries to fix them. That’s what redeems her in the story. Social media has caused some brands and celebrities to have a public backlash. This is the time to strongly consider apologizing and making corrections – not start an argument.

13. This does not mean you always have to be agreeable or conform to what everyone else is doing.

Join the Mathletes. Share a creative post. Go live for the first time. Stand up for what you believe in!

14. Because EVERYONE, including you, is better off if we try to minimize the shark attacks and focus more on floating peacefully together.

High school and social media can get pretty nasty, but there are also opportunities for joy, laughter, connection, and growth.

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