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The Story

VanAlstine Voice offers voice training for hobby singers and professional vocalists. There was already a brand established, but Stephanie, the owner of VanAlstine Voice felt stuck or stressed when it came time to post.

She started working with Upward Anthems by receiving social media and marketing coaching from Marissa Conniff. Not long after, VanAlstine Voice’s Instagram page was sharing Instagram Reels on vocal warmups, breathing exercises, and home studio setup. The page was also hosting IG Live sessions with other wellness-related professionals that support good vocal health.

VanAlstine Voice worked with UA on social media coaching and marketing consulting to relieve some of the burdens and uncover the value of social media and marketing. We addressed issues such as having trouble creating content easily, importing her TikToks onto Instagram, and walking through how to use Instagram Reels.

Once the page started amping up its content, it saw huge leaps in engagement compared to previous posts. VanAlstine voice had 6,710 video views on Instagram Reels and 1,889 video views in one Reels. The page also went live 5 times which brought a boost to followers and engagement.

What we learned

Outside perspectives are useful to small business owners. Social media requires a lot of creativity that can be used elsewhere in your business. Working with a social media coach can help you with inspiration and problem solving from an expert.

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