Amplify your business or organization with strategic marketing and social media.

Marketing has the power to amplify your business, yet many business owners and marketers do not have the bandwidth to achieve their goals. Upward Anthems provides contractual marketing services from Marissa Conniff and a team of experts to boost your marketing results.

Upward Anthems provides strategic marketing and social media services to small businesses and organizations. We have worked with arts & culture, B2B, legal, technology, tourism, and more. Work with us, and let us help you move your anthem upward!

Upward Anthems is dedicated to amplifying meaningful ideas with creative, high quality and strategic content to the masses on social media. Everyone, including you, has an anthem. You have a voice worth hearing and a story to tell. Let’s do this. Let’s move your anthem upward.

Located in Ann Arbor, MI

We love working with Michigan-based businesses but also have clients throughout the country, and in Canada.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Marissa is committed to providing a safe space for LGBTQIA+ business owners and marketers. Discriminators will be told to sashay away.

Left and Right Brain

Marketing and social media require a balance analytical and creative thinking. Our services are rooted in strategy and filled with creativity.


Meet Marissa (She/Her)

Marissa Conniff has over 11 years of marketing, social media, blogging, and content planning experience in various industries like arts, technology, tourism, higher education, and small businesses.

Having witnessed the influential powers of marketing and social media throughout her career, Marissa now helps small businesses and organizations by creating strategic, creative, and audience-driven campaigns.

Upward Anthems was established in March of 2020 and it is Marissa’s favorite job of all time. You can learn more about her by following her on LinkedIn.