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Marketing Consulting

It can be lonely running your own business or marketing department while having all of the decisions and visions come from you. Hour-long marketing consulting sessions are an easy way to remove some of the pressure off yourself and build your skills. Sessions are upbeat and packed with ideas.

Marketing Strategy

We can help you see the big picture for marketing your small business or organization. Upward Anthems has developed marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses. Every marketing strategy that Upward Anthems creates helps clients identify goals, define target audiences, and establish timelines to achieve success. 

Our marketing strategies can focus on various initiatives such as content planning, rebranding, website redesigns, project planning, and more. 

Marketing Project Management

Taking on a longterm marketing project such as rebranding, launching a new website, creating a blog, or ordering marketing materials can feel very daunting to small business owners.

Upward Anthems can see the big picture and the small details when it comes to making marketing projects a reality.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a popular service for small businesses and organizations looking to build a consistent, organic social media presence with the help of a professional. Our social media management services help remove the burden and highlight the value of social media. Upward Anthems manages social media accounts on behalf of clients by providing monthly content plans, regular social media posts, and analytics reports. 

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Small businesses and organizations looking to leverage paid social media advertising can work with Upward Anthems to deliver strategic paid social media campaigns that can last from 6 weeks to an entire year.

Copywriting & Blog Posts

Copywriting and blogs can help entrepreneurs and organizations establish influence, improve their SEO rankings, and make social media more impactful. Upward Anthems can provide blog posts, articles, press releases, and web copy for various industries, including arts & culture, B2B, legal, tech, tourism, and more. 


Upward Anthems provides various graphic design services, including branding, professional documents, reports, resumes, social media posts, Instagram Reels, Facebook ads, and more. 

Workshops & Speaking

Offer your team a professional development opportunity to learn more about social media marketing. Sessions can range from an hour to an entire day! Social media and marketing are relevant to nearly every industry and career.


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