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A Lazy Person’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Aug 9, 2021

We are going to make this quick. After all, this blog will teach you how to use social media when you don’t have the time, energy, or motivation. We can’t teach you how to spend ZERO energy on social media because it does take effort. Instead, we will show you how to maximize your time and resources to get the task of social media marketing done and over.

Schedule posts in batches

Scheduling posts is not the sexiest time-saving tip. But ask any social media manager how to save time, and they will recommend scheduling posts in batches. Let us explain why scheduling social media posts is a lazy-person hack.

Social media requires creative energy. Artists know that inspiration comes and goes, but one of the hardest things is getting started. Beginning the process of making a social media post is half the battle, and it gets easier as you get rolling. Plus, scheduling helps you be more strategic and thoughtful about the content you choose to share.

There is no magic number of posts to schedule at a time, but we recommend scheduling no less than weekly and no more than monthly. You can try a middle ground and schedule all of your social media posts at once every other week.

Set timers

Time and time again, we hear artists and entrepreneurs claim they spend too much time on their social media posts. They “get in their head” or don’t know what to post. You are not alone! The truth is, you should not spend too much time on your social media posts because there is another one for tomorrow that needs creating! We need to look at progress over perfection, and timers can help us avoid spending too much time on the tasks required for social media success. Set timers for making social media posts, writing blogs, checking in with your audience on social media, searching for inspiration, and creating a social media calendar.

Use free tools

Time is money. And although very few things in social media are free, some free tools are powerful including Canva, Grammarly, and Unsplash. Check out our blog about our favorite free social media tools to add to your toolbox!

Hire someone to help you

If these tips are not enough to remove the stress of social media marketing, it may be time to hire someone to help you. When asking yourself if it is worth the investment, remember that half the global population uses social media. Rest assured, social media is not a fad, and your audience is using it. The truth is, professional social media marketers are faster than you and have the tools to make social media management more productive. If social media feels like an uphill battle – a professional social media manager can minimize the burden and maximize the value of social media marketing.

We welcome all lazy artists and entrepreneurs to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to learn about ways we can help you with social media marketing.