We have helped many different types of businesses and organizations discover marketing solutions. While every business, organization, and brand is unique, we also see common challenges and solutions across many industries, from NFTs to CVBs.

The challenge: Feeling overwhelmed

The solution: Have a plan

Many small business owners and marketers feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. There are so many different ways someone can market themselves it becomes a complicated task to decide where to put your energy. Audiences expect fresh, relevant content 24/7, so how can someone possibly keep up with this?

If marketing is constantly an afterthought to the bigger picture of your business, it can become overwhelming every time a marketing task needs to happen. The best solution for feeling overwhelmed about marketing is to have a plan. Making a plan takes time and effort, but once it is in place, you better understand what and how marketing needs to happen.

The challenge: Feeling underwhelmed 

The solution: Set goals and track progress

After putting all of our creative energy and budget into marketing, we want to see immediate results. More often than not, marketing is about the long-term and takes time to gain momentum. Very rarely, if ever, will one ad campaign change your business for years to come.

Avoid feeling underwhelmed by everything you do within marketing, set goals, and track progress. Have a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan to compare your results. Celebrate the areas where you excelled and examine where you fell short. This system will help you realize how much you achieve over time!

The challenge: Low budget

The solution: Small wins

If you are working with a small budget, it can feel like an uphill battle. No form of marketing is free as it costs time, money, and energy to maintain.

 A Superbowl ad would be nice, but it’s not in the cards for all businesses! Focus on small wins when working with a low budget. Remember, notable brands have entire teams dedicated to each form of marketing. Making regular posts, updating your website, printing off business cards are all viable ways to grow your business, even if they are small wins.

The challenge: Annoyed by social media

The solution: Be strategic about it

There is a lot to be said about mental health and social media. Marketers and business owners are not immune to the strain and stress it can have on a person. Social media is a great way to connect with unique audiences and boost SEO – but you do not need to be a social media influencer to run your business. While deleting our social media accounts sounds appealing at times, it’s not the best business strategy. 

The best way to handle this is to get strategic about it. Decide how many posts you want to share each month and how often you would like to check your page for comments. Setting these types of boundaries will help you avoid burnout from social media. Unplug from social media when you do not NEED to post for your business or check comments.

The challenge: Limited time

The solution: Hire someone

For many marketers and business owners, it simply comes down to a matter of time. You find yourself busy running your business and would rather not worry about making an Instagram Story. The struggle is real.

If finding the time and energy for marketing is an ongoing issue for your business, it may be time to hire someone. (This does NOT mean you should ask an unqualified employee to take over social media and expect great results. Learn more about social media expectations vs. reality.) Outsourcing marketing is a widespread business practice because of the time and skill it takes to market properly.

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