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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

Feb 15, 2021

Social media marketing has exploded within the last ten years. Even so, many freelancers and small business owners wonder if it’s worth the effort. Here is a high-level explanation of how to grow your business using social media.

Does anyone else remember the days when you needed a college email address to have a Facebook page? Now everyone from grandparents, Fortune 500 companies, Beyonce, and side hustlers have a social media presence. That’s because social media marketing is an intuitive, scalable, and tested form of marketing for thousands of brands.

If you are reading this blog, perhaps you are thinking about your own social media strategy for a freelance career. Perhaps you want to talk it out with a social media expert and be coached on ways to grow on social media. Before you begin the journey, let’s go over the major reasons why small business owners and gig workers would consider adopting a social media strategy.

Brand Awareness

Brands feel alive on social media and create awareness with target audiences. Social media marketing for small businesses may seem easy since many of us use social media in our day to day lives. Opening up a Facebook Business Page can be done rather quickly, but what happens after that? Who runs the page? This is not a once a week-ish commitment. This is an ongoing, daily-ish commitment. You may ask yourself why someone would bother with social media marketing. The reason is freelancers, gig workers, side-hustlers, and small business owners want some form of marketing their business to generate awareness and customers. Social media marketing is a fairly intuitive, affordable, and tested form of marketing.

Customer Service

If your customers have a question about your brand, product, or service – they may use social media to ask for help. Living within these platforms can help you answer questions for your audience in places they are already spending their time. In fact, it’s wise to encourage your audience to reach out to you anywhere, anytime. It’s about having the infrastructure to manage the questions that may come your way.

Business Insights

Social media data can have tremendous value for small businesses and freelancers. We can learn about our customers, messaging, and buying cycles from social media. The key to obtaining this knowledge is seeking the right information and allocating the time and resources to find it. To put things in perspective – some companies have full-time Social Media Analysts, and their entire job is dedicated to using social media data to help the company fine-tune the customer journey. This means small businesses and contract workers need to narrow down the information they would like to gather from their social media data because there is a lot of it.

Here are some examples of data that can be available on social media:

  • Audience demographics, industries, and geo-location
  • Audience preferences (i.e. funny, inspiring, informative)
  • The best days and times to engage
  • Popular topics within a target audience

Once you have this information – share it throughout the organization. Use the newfound perspective about your prospects and customers to enhance and fine-tune every touchpoint with them.

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