by Brittney Gaddis, Graphic and Web Designer

If you haven’t yet invested in your branding, Professional Designers and Social Media managers alike (like Marissa at Upward Anthems!) advise businesses to get that in place before putting the cart before the horse. So take a few steps back, solidify your brand, then revisit us when you have a professional and beautiful brand identity that is ready for us to show off on your social media accounts! 

Social media graphics are definitely a crucial part of your online presence in this market. What are social media graphics, you ask? Social media graphics include your header images on networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube. They also include the artwork placed by a graphic designer over top of imagery on many of the social media accounts that you see. It’s very important that the graphic design used in your social media accounts is professional and consistent. Here are 5 reasons why professional graphic design is important for your social media:

First Impressions are important

If your goal is to find new clients and community on social media (and why wouldn’t it be?), your social media profile is the first impression your potential new customers will have of you. If your brand is not polished and professionally represented in your feed, there’s a chance that you might come off as ‘not legit’ to viewers. Customers expect to see your brand represented at every touchpoint in a professional way – why skimp on first impressions?

Grows Brand Awareness

If your visual branding is done properly, it is a key component of bringing in new customers. If the design work on your social media graphics appeals to your target audience, they are more likely to follow your accounts, comment, share with their network, and make purchases.

Consistency is Key to Trust

To earn customer trust, your brand must be consistent throughout all of your online presence. This includes your copy, your website, your email marketing, paid advertisements, and yes, social media. The more professional your brand appears, the more trustworthy your business also appears. Using the same visual branding, meaning similar colors, tones, fonts, and photography style is equally as important as your posting consistency. Both are vital to establishing customer trust – which converts connections to sales.

Grows Engagement from your followers

Posts with a photo or graphic are much more likely to be engaged with than posts with only text. 

Outsourcing a professional frees up your time

Let’s face it – as business owners, we wear a lot of hats. We are CEOs, accountants, marketing managers, AND we run our actual business. As a professional in your industry, your time is better spent running your business, not playing designer. Contact me at for help with your visual branding and graphic design needs.

About Brittney

Brittney is an experienced freelance graphic and web designer in Kentucky with a passion for creativity, attention to detail and telling brand stories through visuals. Whether it’s a logo design or a lead-converting website, you’ll find her expertise brings value to your business and a unique outside perspective. She is a full-time freelance graphic designer and Agency Owner and spends her free time camping with her children, horse camping, and vegetable gardening.